vendredi 16 août 2013

belly and hair

Not to be confused with belly hair. Gross.A couple weekends ago, Cindy and I experienced the Juut Aveda Salon in Minneapolis. No Tyra sightings, but it was awfully nice to wait in a lobby not filled with crying children and drink cucumber infused water out of shfancy mod glassware . I went chin-length again, which is still working for me two weeks later. I definitely don’t have the ‘dry-it-and-go’ thing down yet though [read: takes me to get ready]. Today I tried the half-swept-back look so I only had to style/dry half of it:Please disregard the pasty-white pregnant/Minnesotan skin.That being said, it’s time for a snow pile check-in:April 8thMake that a snow pile cum mud pile check-in! IT’S FINALLY SPRING! ‘But the grass isn’t even green.’ you say. Well, true, but the sun is shining and the thermometer reads >35¬∞. I’ll take what I can get.And no, I didn’t win the office poll. ::le sigh::Finally, an attempt at a belly self portrait at 26 weeks:Wow, it really does look like there’s a basketball in your shirt!Thanks. I’m aware of that.

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