vendredi 9 août 2013

Weekly Flickr Pool Open Swim!.

Ryantomorrow Last week I started a flickr pool for enthusiasts of ML4U to upload images of their art, photographs, gallery opening shots, etc. It has been so awesome to see the work and check out reader's other work that maybe they haven't posted in the pool...It's been pretty exciting. I think what's the most exciting for me though, is too see some of my favorite artists mixed in with artists I have yet to meet. I love community. Keep it going! If you haven't joined, please do!

I have chosen some of my favorites that were posted last week and posted them. I have linked each person below the image to their flickr profile. The above image is from RYN TMRW. This will be a weekly feature, so tune in!


Crispy Cooper.


Delaney Allen.


Michelle Fleck.


Mitchell Kehe.


Sarah Joy Brown.


Michael C. Hsiung.


Ghost Patrol.

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