mercredi 21 août 2013

cheating on moby

There’s a new wrap in my life.That reminds me, why am I never happy with my hair length?Meet my Hotsling. I remember seeing these $50 pieces of fabric when I was registering for all things baby and thinking “yea, no.” So my $35 Moby and I really hit it off, allowing us to cart OBaby up hiking trails, on walks, and around the state fair for hours, as seen here, here, and here. Thing is though, it takes a while to put on so you kind of have to commit to him hanging out in there for at least an hour for it to be worth it, and OBaby usually conks out asleep within minutes of hopping in. Well, so I’m not necessarily complaining about that, it’s just that sometimes I’d rather him be awake during the day if he’s already napped enough. O how he loves to nap in his snuggly Moby wrap.But yesterday when waltzing through the aisles of Homegoods (West coast translation: a TJMAXX style-store that sells, well, goods for one’s home), giving Auntie A her first discounted-kitchen-and-home-decor-mega-center tour, I found this, crumpled up and hiding in an unorganized place on a shelf in the kids section (although, is there an organized place on a Homegoods shelf? I submit to you that there is not). It was adorably colored, the right size, and, hello, $19.99 price tag! I’m not usually a fate-believing person… but…I had the sling on and was watching the instructional DVD moments after walking through my door (Yes, I said DVD. But don’t be fooled, it’s not that high-tech of a baby wearing aparatus. The live-action tutorial was actually a little odd, what with it’s demonstrations utilizing a plastic baby doll). Unlike my other love, Moby, Hotsling holds OBaby in a way that allows him to sit more upright and outward facing so he can see the world. Also, compared to Moby, Hotsling is a cinch to put on, downside being that it’s not as ergonomic as Moby and has more spots that could get sore after supporting the weight of a baby for a while. Now that I’ve tried it though, I would have paid $50 for it all along.Speaking of the weight of a baby: OBaby’s 2 month pediatric appointment is Friday afternoon.Bets are now being taken for his weight and length. Opening wagers start at one comment. Kthanksbye

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