jeudi 15 août 2013

jen renninger..


i get the warm fuzzies a lot. like a lot a lot. to the point that i think it's some weird nerve disorder and i'm just in denial thinking that i am a very "feeling" person. but that's neither here nor there. point being is that i get moved often when i see, hear, read things. i just do. hell, they practically created emo for me. when i first came upon jen renninger's work i got one massive warm fuzzy. not only because her work is amazing but because of the way in which she interprets and transcends images and words so perfectly. she just gets it. jen is also a jenny holzer fan. jenny holzer to me is, strictly my own opinion here: GENIUS. but i'm just sayin. this is what i first read on jen's etsy page the first time i found her. i was instantly sunk. hook. line. sinker.

there is a jenny holzer truism that has been a mantra for me for years.

"all things are delicately interconnected"

i love it.. and i try to think of that, to remember it when somethingwonderous happens...standing in front of the redwoods for the first timein california, or kayaking next to dolphins in my own backyard, ormeeting a stranger that feels like a life long friend...we're allconnected.

We Are All Connected. i promise.

sing it sister. you can see more of jen's work on her website, which will in turn lead you to various other portals of her intra-life like her etsy store, blog and portfolio. p.s. i really want one of her prints for xmas. again, just sayin.



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